Masaza Cup: Minister Ssekabembe Sends Warning Ahead Of Opener

The prestigious and famous Masaza Cup returns on June 1, with defending champions Ssingo given the mantle to host this years opener.

Ssingo who beat Buddu to claim via shootouts last year to claim their second crown, will play host to Ssese in what promises to be an epic opener at Mityana Saza grounds.

Speaking during a press briefing held at Bulange on Monday, the Minister of Sports, Youth and Leisure in the Buganda Kingdom, Owek. Henry Ssekabembe issued out strong warnings, especially to fans.

He also cautioned team managers and players to ensure that the tournament is free of hooliganism and fighting.

“I first of all congratulate Ssingo and Ssese for being selected as the teams to entertain Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi who will grace the opener, and I hope they will be prepared to showcase their skills.

“We have come out with strong plans to regulate this year’s tournament and I hereby announce that we will follow strict rules and regulations.”

It was revealed that all participating teams will begin with Sh5M and five balls for starting preparations.

Ssingo is in group A (Masengere group) with Ssese, Bugerere, Buvuma and Gomba.

The opener in Mityana will be priced at Sh 30,000 (VIP) and sh10,000 (ordinary), the Minister confirmed.

“We lost many fans in accidents including the one for Buluuli. It’s something we have addressed and sea re working with all the security organs to strengthen traffic rules on the day.

“About officiating, we are using FUFA referees, and any case of poor judgement will be dealt with accordingly. All teams should adhere to these strict rules or risk getting eliminated and banned.”



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