No Charges Against Golola Despite Breaching Contract – Promoter

Promoter Eddie Gombya has revealed that he will not file charges against Moses Golola despite the fighter breaching the contract.

Golola, a self acclaimed ‘Of Uganda’, had entered into an agreement with Gombya to fight Abas Ongom Kasumali on Heroes day in a street fight at Wilson road.

Days later, Golola signed another contract to hold rematch with Umar Semata under promoters Balam Byarugaba and Abitex, set on August 3 at Freedom City.

Promoter Gombya showing one of the documents that confirmed road closure on Heroes day for Golola fight

“This is not acceptable in Sports,” started an annoyed Gombya during a briefing held at Uhuru Restaurant in Kampala on Friday morning. “I have cancelled the fight for the good of both parties but I will not take any charges against Golola.”

“Golola is just like my son, I know that its going to be another dark spot on Step by step promotion but It’s something that I have decided to do.”

Under normal laws, once a contract is breached, the guilty party must remedy the breach. The primary solutions are damages, specific performance, or contract cancellation and restitution.

Porridge time. Golola Moses

Gombya revealed to the members of the press that he had already acquired all the necessary clearance for the fight to go on, including acceptance letters from Uganda Professional Boxing Commission, Uganda Police, KCCA, Ministry of Work and Transport.

He denied to reveal the losses and how much damage and reputation the cancellation of the fight will bring to Step by Step promotion.

“In my view, I think Golola would have finished the heroes day fight first before entering into another new fight. We had made all the necessary arrangements, we had planned to bring in many professional fighters from outside Uganda.

“The day I got to know of Golola-Semata fight, I called him and his fellow promoters for an advice more than three times but didn’t bother to pick up.”

It should be noted that this is the second time this fight has been called off – They were initially scheduled to face off on Boxing day but the weights failed to match.

None of the fighters is yet to comment on the matter.



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