Coach Timbe Threatens To Take Legal Action Against Wakiso Giants

Veteran Coach Sam Timbe will be taking legal action against Wakiso Giants, this website has learnt.

According to the letter dated June, 17 2019 from Coach Timbe’s office, it requests Wakiso Giant to issue out an apologise for publishing his name on a short-list shared by the club in the public domain without making no natural effort to contact Timbe in regards to the matter.

It should be noted that the club announced Kefa Kisala as the new head coach.

Kisala succeeded Ibrahim kirya who led the team to top flight but his one year contact was never renewed.

The letter signed by Muhammad Dkhaba addressed to Sula Kamoga, the chief Executive Officer of Wakiso Giants, reads in part:

“We are glad that you successfully sourced and recruited a head coach. It’s your liberty to employ any method in your recruitment need, hoodwinking the public could lead to dire consequences.

“We therefore demand for an explanation detailing an explanation of your motive for shortlisting Timbe and circulating the same. Write an apology to Timbe, his family and friends for creating innuendos intended at belittling his coaching career.”

Wakiso Giant FC has been given only five days and failure to comply with Timbe’s demand, there will be no option but seeking legal redress.

Sam Timbe has not been active in coaching for over one full year after being fired by Kenya’s Tusker FC in April last year.



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