Masaza Cup: Minister Calls For Calmn After One Fan Dies

The Minister of Sports, Recreation and Leisure in the Buganda Kingdom, Owek. Henry Ssekabembe Kiberu has called for peace and calmness after ugly incidents which claimed a fan’s life.

One fan was confirmed dead during a Masaza Cup game where Mawokota edged Buddu 1-0 on Match day 3 of the 2019 season.

While speaking with this website, Ssekabembe who looked saddened by the incident, noted that he has already sent a special team to Mawokota (Mpigi District).

“Life is very important than anything else, this tournament was put up by the Kabaka with an aim of bringing togetherness in Buganda,” Ssekabembe said.

“Therefore, let’s all remain calm because the Kabaka needs you all alive. One thing I have come to realise is that many causes of this chaos is the influence of alcohol, so you should also regulate your intake while coming to watch the game.

“We have sent a team to Mpigi to work together with the region police to come up with a conclusive report which will be given to the press.”

The deceased, Robert Kabirye who was a carpenter in Masaka town, died on spot, other two have also been reported dead while others are still nursing serious injuries.

This, is after a fracas that happened on Sunday evening in a match where sources confirmed that security officials (Police and UPDF) shot direct to fans that had caused chaos.

Reports alleged that Buddu fans who had flocked Mpigi police grounds after finding out the entrance fee was increased from Sh5000 to Sh10000, were shot at.

The fracas was also escalated by match referee’s decision to award a penalty to the home team which resulted into a goal, which led to the bitter fans pelting bottles and stones to the field of play. Buddy’s penalty appeal at the other end was fruitless.

Ssekabembe went on to caution fans against Hooliganism which is set to damage the famous tournament.



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