Katikiro Mayiga Sends Strong Message To Uganda Cranes Players

The Katikkiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga, has warned and advised Uganda Cranes players and sportsmen in general.

Mayiga was speaking to Cranes goalkeeper and Captain Denis Masinde Onyango who had paid a courtesy visit to Bulange on Friday.

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The advise comes after Cranes players received over 600 USD following their good campaign at the concluded 2019 AFCON.

“I urge you to save for your future because I don’t think that you will still be earning after the age of 35,” Katikkiro said. “Few people have managed to earn all that amount you were paid during the AFCON and you should take that seriously.”

“Getting about Sh50M at your age is no mean feat. Please you shouldn’t live a luxurious life before investing and saving.

“These players shouldn’t come for our help in terms of financial need in about five years time. Plan better today, you should plant now and hope for good harvests.”

Mayiga added that Sports is like design which in the long run many people get tired of it – Sportsmen dont remain active after the age of about 35.


He also advised them to stay away from women, alcohol and other drugs.

He commended Onyango together with Uganda Cranes for their tremendous efforts in raising the national flag at the continental stage.

“It gives me great joy to be here,” Onyango noted. “I call him my number one fan.” He added in reference to Katikkiro.

“I am happy though I would have wanted to come with them but most of them are back to their duties. I want us to be recognised as a whole team, they (players) sometimes are there for me even on my bad day in office.

“I thank everyone including the fans, government and FUFA. We are the leaves, FUFA is the tree that gives us support.”

Onyango requested Katikkiro to rally people who support the Masaza to switch their support to the National team as well.



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