Basketball: Inaugural ‘Score Beyond’ Girls League Seek To Discover Hidden Talent

The inaugural Score Beyond Girls’ League will be targeting to discover hidden basketball talent.

The league is set to climaxe this Saturday, July 27, at Restore Leadership High School, Amuru District.

This, organised by Score Beyond, is a combination of 3×3 basketball, Project Management and evaluation skills for the girl athlete, and coaching clinics commenced on the 28th of May 2019 in the Gulu, Amuru, and Omoro Districts in Northern Uganda.

The girls taking up training sessions. Courtesy photo

“We want to give girls in the greater North opportunity to benefit from sports and leadership skills,” noted Score Beyond founder and Basketball coach Ali Mavita. “This is a chance for them to discover talents, stay longer in school and help the community. Next Lamunu is somewhere in Gulu undiscovered.”

“For this league to be consistent, we shall need to constantly upgrade the human resource of the coaches, and other officials around the game.

“It’s a means to an end. Now young people can study at subsidised costs until university, u travel and meet and create networks.”

The league involves four schools with a total of 80 students, actively running for a month.

Basketball Player Angela Namirimu.

Participating schools include Restore Leadership High School, St. John Paul II College, Hope Senior School Watoto and Sacred Heart Secondary School.

The competition is being supported by the Embassy of Germany, Watoto Ministries and the Federation of Uganda Basketball Associations.

Mavita, on the why the campaign is focussing on girls only, revealed:

“Girls are undiscovered and under utilised in the sports environment here. Recent years have shown their dominance in sports with the little resources they are accorded. We have the capacity to produce perennial champions out of these girls as long as we provide resources for them.”

Lydia Mbabazi, from Watoto is one of the players that have been discovered. She’s managed to get a scholarship in High school in the US and is currently representing the country in the U16 Africa Championships.

Score Beyond is an initiative geared towards intentionally raising a brand of excellent girl athletes who will in turn become advocates for sport in Uganda.

It was Established in Kampala, Uganda in December 2015, Score Beyond emerged out of a need to identify talented and distinguished girl- athletes so as to empower them to become champions of progress and change in their social orders.



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