Roke 7s: Rugby Union At Fault As Mbale Circuit Cancelled

The Roke Telkom national Rugby sevens series has been halted after the Mbale circuit was not played.

Scheduled to be played on Saturday, August 3, the sixth circuit on calendar was cancelled with issues to do with finances, sources have confirmed.

"Apparently, the host team didn't receive the full amount of money to host the games," a sources hinted to

It is alleged that Uganda Rugby Union (URU) issued out Sh1M to the host, instead of the expected Sh3.8M, an impasse that failed the arrangement.

The Rugby ruling body in the country, didn’t reveal the actual reasons as to why the games where not played but added that the matter will be investigated.

“We wish to apologize to the sponsors, teams, officials and fans especially those who travelled to Mbale for the #Roke7s today, 3rd August,” reads a tweet from URU.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances the tournament could not go on as planned. This matter is under investigation and a statement shall be shared.”

Consequently, some of the teams that had made the trip played some games at the Busamaga Rugby grounds to take up the day in the East.

The development means that there are just 7 circuits instead of 8 at this year’s series.

Kobs still top the standings with 104 points, three above second placed defending champions Black Pirates while Heathens (76), Buffaloes (72) and Jinja Hippos (63) follow in the top five in that order.

Still To Come
August 17 – Jinja 7s at Dam Waters

August 24 – Edward Kitaka Memorial (Kobs) at Legends



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