Video: Swarm Of Bees Attack Players, Halt Match In Tanzania

Bees attacked players during a football game in Tanzania. Courtesy photo

Chaos ensued as a swarm of bees interrupted a Federation Cup game between Young Africans and Iringa United at Uhuru Stadium in Dar Es Salam, Tanzania on Friday.

The strange incidents occurred in the 51st minute as the bees hovered around the pitch and in the stands in a scuffle that lasted for about 10 minutes.

Play was halted, as most of the players had to stay flat on the pitch while the few who looked utterly scared ran away awkwardly off and around the pitch.

Yanga’s defender Ally Sonso was at the receiving end of the bees’ stings and was attended by the medics after.

Yanga, former home to Juma Balinya, eventually won the game 4-0 thanks to goals from Pappy Tshishimbi, Sibomana, Lamine Moro and David Molinga

Watch the video here:



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