Uganda Volleyball Calls For Candidates Ahead Of Elective Assembly

The Uganda Volleyball Federation has called for suitable candidates ahead of the elective assembly, per the circular seen by The-SportsNation.

UVF elections will be held next year on January 31 at UOC, Lugogo.

“Any member of our affiliates who would like to contest for any of the UVF posts shall have his/her nomination submitted to the UVF in the stipulated form within two weeks (14 days) to the date of the General Assembly,” reads a circular signed by UVF President Hadija Namanda.

“Any such nomination(s) shall be required to be supported by at least one UVF affiliate member in good financial standing with the UVF.

“Therefore, members of your respective affiliates interested in contesting for the posts should submit their nomination forms not later than 5:00pm on 15th January 2021.”

Namanda was voted into office on January 8, 2017 during the assembly at Cooper Chimney.

She then replaced Sadiq Nasiwu.

The Elective Posts:

  1. The President
  2. 1st Vice President
  3. 2nd Vice President
  4. General Secretary
  5. Assistant General Secretary
  6. Treasurer
  7. Club Representative (3)
  8. District Associations Representatives (3)



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