FUFA Has Frustrated Me – Kiwanuka Quits Football

Renown Sports administrator Suleiman Kiwanuka has cursed FUFA as he resigned from Football.

Kiwanuka, the club president of regional entity Spartans FC, made many revelations on Monday in a press conference at ‘Below 32’ Restaurant in Munyonyo.

He said that he has been at war with the Federation and the recent controversial transfer of his player Isaac Ogwang to SC Villa was a final nail.

He branded some officials at FUFA as arrogant, thugs and non legit.

“They have tormented me but they will always come out to try and paint a good picture,” a seemingly deflated Kiwanuka said.

“I have been frustrated on various occasions by the officials in Mengo, just like they forced out the Nalubaale FC owner Abdu-Karim Njubi before the club went into extinction.”

The Isaac Ogwang Transfer Saga:

Villa confirmed the acquisition of Spartans striker Isaac Ogwang on September 20, 2020.

Kiwanuka says that Spartans FC didn’t approve the transfer and never received a fee for their player.

He later uploaded proof on social media that the player is still contracted with Spartans FC using the FUFA football connect system.

The acts of Kiwanuka didn’t sit well with FUFA who said that it was made without their authorisation and he was summoned for violating the football rules.

“Earlier, I received a call from my CEO about Villa interest in our player Ogwang, I was busy with campaigns and told him to handle the matter,” Kiwanuka explains.

“After about two weeks, Villa called me direct and expressed their interest again, I told them that there has to be a transaction and they told me that they will get back to me.

“Later, I saw Ogwang unveiled and given a shirt number confirming that he has moved. I checked the FUFA system and he was still our player. I told Tendo Musoke (Club PR) to get in touch with Villa to see what was ongoing but they didn’t pick up.

“After the campaigns, I tried to pursue the matter as I expressed my grievances about how FUFA and Villa handled the case.

“I posted something about the transfer on Facebook, a certain lady called me from FUFA and she was very arrogant. Later, I talked to Hajjat Aisha (FUFA Competitions director) and I narrated to her the whole issue, and she seemed interested in the matter.

“Then yesterday, my brother called me about a post on FUFA Facebook about them suspending me. Fined over something I wasn’t aware.”

Kiwanuka Furious

Kiwanuka says that he has lost many players in similar circumstances, including the controversial move that saw Umar join Vipers SC.

He added: “I will be leaving football, I thought I could pay back the game that took me to school, got me friends and saw me move places. Investing in football has been the only way I pay it back but now the Federation has frustrated me.”

Kiwanuka says that he has taken the difficult decision of leaving football to focus on his individual future so that he doesn’t regret spending more money and time in their near future just like the Ex Internationals.

“I don’t loose anything if I leave football. Football needs me more. Am a businessman and I have been here for passion. Its the players who will be suffering, not me,” he added.

“I have been spending over Sh100m every year, at Spartans, despite playing in lower divisions, we have been paying our players and using first class equipment, but now the best thing FUFA could do is to send me away.”

He revealed that he also wanted to buy a Super League club to avoid the wrangles in the lower divisions.

Last week, Kiwanuka was fined Sh1M by FUFA for what they termed as ‘defamatory statements’ and for failure to cooperate with the adjudicatory chamber of the ethics committee.



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