SC Villa Financial Woes Exposed

SC Villa are facing tough financial times and have on numerous occasions failed to pay player’s remunerations this season, the Sports Nation has learnt.

The 16-time Champions are struggling to pay player’s salaries something that has been concealed for some time and talked of in hushed fashion by Villa players.

However, it seems the player’s patience has withered with Club Captain Asuman Harishe Kihogo venting out his frustrations to the public.

The former Mbarara City FC player is sandwiched between a rock and hard place that is if his startling Facebook post is anything to go by.

The gangly defender claims he has not been paid his salaries for a period spanning to 18 months, and is struggling to make ends meet.

“There is always joyful and sad moments but this is too much. I really beg the concerned stakeholders more especially FUFA to come out and rescue the situation at the club.” The post reads in the part.

“I demand the club 18 months (salary arrears) and I have been the bridge to honour all games but in the end they term me as an enemy because of our money. I will fight for our sweat because we have served with much love and passion 100%.”

This Website has learnt that Halishe is one of the many SC Villa players who are demanding the club salary arrears.

The situation has left the players despondent and as the season edges closer to culimantion, hopes of the players getting paid are fading each passing day.

A player, who spoke on condition of anonymity, for fear of reprisal, told Sports Nation the club has always promised to offset their pending dues but all in vain.

“We have been waiting patiently for the management to address the issue of our Salary arrears. All the while, the management gave assurance that all will be well but we haven’t seen any progress.” Said the player.

The Villa management is yet to come out, officially, regarding the issue at hand.

The Jogoos return to action on Tuesday away to Vipers SC in the first leg of the Uganda Cup quarter finals.



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