Magogo: I Can Juggle Both Football and Politics

Moses Magogo and Bukedea Woman MP Anita Among. Courtesy photo

Federation of Uganda Football Associationg president Engineer Moses Magogo says he has the audacity to serve both Football and Politics.

By virtue of being elected Member of Parliament for Budiope East Constituency and set for re-election as a new FUFA president in August, Magogo is to serve two masters at a go.

Speaking at the program Olutindo, that airs out on radio Simba every Monday to Friday, Magogo says going to politics was a call from his home people.

“Whenever it was elections period, people of Budiope could come to me at home and ask me to represent them, as their own child .

“It was not until this time, when they sent me a group and I also thought about it, but it also found me when in Fufa we had already taken a decision.

“We sat as team Magogo, and agreed that we need to go to politics and also be next to a place where they everything is allocated, it’s not only me just because it’s only me that got a chance to go through.”

Serving two big roles is something hard since it calls for a lot time. To many, it has brought a lot of un answered questions something Magogo says there is no law that stops football people from joining politics.

“There is no law that can stop football people to join into politics, bit in FIFA rules or even in Laws that govern the country. If there is no law, that means people just speak what they feel like.

“When you take away responsibility, it is easy to do other things, one who can understand is one who has been in a position I have been in. If you leave the Fufa presidency, the next thing is to retire.”

He adds on that he always comes up with a football decision every hour

“For my case, every hour, am making a decision for football, my role is to make decisions, then Edgar (Watson) puts into action. So when they stop your role from making football decisions, then you will go and do other things and it will be a loss to football.”

Magogo also adds on that while in parliament, he is going to bring football ideas on the floor of parliament if the concerned don’t do that.

“So if the people in ministries concerned with football don’t bring up these ideas, Im free and ready as a member of parliament to bring football ideas to the floor.

“So it is good that football has worked for this. Remember in 2016 during the presidential campaigns, the president of the country Said he didn’t know that there was a team called Uganda Cranes, it’s not my words, everyone heard about this.

“But today, he can now mention and call player’s names, that Miya, Onyango that means we have built this brand and brought it where the powers are and we have started to benefit as a game. Now this time there are things that need the parliament, so we are going to be having someone who loves football and its leader with responsibility.

“We have come a long way in football.Now football has tried to solve it’s problems, we had problems internally, but there are problems that need an extra effort, for example infrastructure like stadiums, we don’t have capacity as the Federation, the law, about the funds, all these can be done by the parliament of Uganda.

Magogo will came into office as Fufa president in 2013 and was relelected for the second term in 2017.

This time round, he will be serving as Budiope East member of parliament at the same time.



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