Allan Busobozi on Why He Left Onduparaka

Allan Busobozi was released by Uganda Premier League side Onduparaka after the two parties agreed to mutually terminate the contract.

The Midfielder joined Onduparaka from Canadian owned Youth Academy ‘Football For Good’ in 2007 and penned a four years employment contract.

Busobozi, a hardworking and God fearing person, was born in Kigumba, Kiryadongo District.

He went to Kabalega SS in Masindi for his O’level before joining Kawempe Muslim for his A’level. He graduated with a bachelor degree in Business Administration specializing in Accounting at Gulu University.

His love for Football started at 13 years inspired by Coach Mujuni Edgar in Masindi and Ayub Khalifa at Kawempe Muslim before he got the bigger picture about football and character when he joined Football For Good Academy.

Onduparaka is the only club he has played for professionally from June 2017 to January 2022.

In an interview with The Sports Nation, Busobozi explains the reason he left Onduparaka, his life at the club and what he plans next.

“At the end of last year, I lost my beloved mum and I had lots of issues to solve at home that couldn’t let me stay in Arua and I couldn’t tell when they would be finished,” Busobozi reveals.

“So I kindly talked to the chairman where we agreed to mutually terminate my contract that I had just renewed a few months ago.”

Busobozi says he’s so proud and blessed to have played for Onduparaka because they gave him the opportunity so he doesn’t regret his stay at the club.

“I will never regret being at Onduparaka, they showed me patience and most importantly drew me even closer to God,” he added.

“I am forever grateful being a Caterpillar and who knows if it’s the grace of God for me to be there again then it will because we know what the almighty decides happens.”

Busobozi stayed at the club for 4 years and he admits his time at Onduparaka was a blessing.

“We all know that Onduparaka is a club that gives opportunity to players to showcase their talents with the support of management and the fans.

“My four years have been like a blessing because I got the opportunity to play in the Uganda Premier League, strengthen my character, met great coaches and players.

“The management supported me in the good and bad times and always wished the best for me.

“May the almighty Lord bless everyone at the club from Mr Etu who opened the pitch gates for my personal training to the chairman.”

When asked what next for him and the club he will join, this is what Busobozi replied:

“Honestly I also don’t know what’s next for me but only the amazing wonderful God we serve knows because am still home catching up with some things that my beloved mum would have wanted me to accomplish and I don’t know when I finish with them to refocus on Football again”.

The former Football For Good Midfielder didn’t hesitate to thank the Onduparaka fraternity.

“I would to thank the fans and management so much because honestly the start was not easy for me when I joined but they were patient with me, God bless you”.

“I have been around amazing players and coaches but big thanks to my role model Oscar Agaba Banna who always and still advices me to make me a better person and player, I will miss Gasper the rock because he was a great partner and good person.

“Thank you so much Onduparaka for the opportunity you gave me, love you infinity times.”



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