Much Anticipation As Mixed Martial Arts Storm Uganda

Every weekend, for the whole month of April, Ugandans will be able to watch their own fight in a full-contact combat Sport called Mixed martial Arts.

The sport is set to garner some good fanbase in Uganda because of the growing interest the locals have shown in America’s UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

And the organisers, One Zone MMA, want to build from that and the local talent to promote the sport in Uganda.

“We are bringing the fastest growing Sport in Uganda. We are very glad to bring this to Uganda because we believe that it’s going to grow, flourish and will be good for the whole of East Africa,” One Zone MMA President Gomes Weverson said during the launch on Monday at Serena Hotel.

A couple of Ugandan fighters like Ronald Odoch, James Simon Opio, Raymond Muganga, Joseph Onani, Brenda Masendi and Rebecca Among are lined up for the fights.

Weverson added: “Uganda is a beautiful country that love sports. We are bringing in Uganda the best entertaining Combat Sport. Our company is committed to prepare these fighters. We want to bring them to another level, and put them to World Class

“Uganda has produced many talents in Boxing, and they are all good but the fast growing sport is MMA. The talent that Uganda is producing and together with the knowledge 1ZoneMMA is bringing in the country, I am sure Uganda will be having the top fighters in Africa and soon in the World. We here at the right place and at the right time.

“For a sport to develop and be successful, you need talent and strong support from a good company, and that is what we are putting together. We have a strategy to see that this lasts in Uganda.”

Host and renown Sports Journalist Stuart Mutebi confirmed that the fighters are well aware of the Sport’s rules and regulations.

The launch also attracted musicians Spice Diana and Ykee Benda of Mpaka Records, a company that will promote the fights.

Mutebi added: “We have a number of artistes that will be joining us along the course. It’s not about the brutal side of the game, there is also the entertainment side, most of you have followed this on different platforms where we have artistes and DJs, we are mixing sports and music. We have a lot of comedians and so on as we target to give the fans the best entertainment.”

How to Watch:

  • The fights will be held at Fusion Auto Spa in Bugolobi but there will be no fans allowed beside the fighters and Camera crew.
  • The fans can watch the fights on the One Zone Mixed Martial Arts Website –
  • The fights will be streamed live, and free of charge.

Musicians Express Readiness:

Ykee Benda: “These people (1 zone MMA) are one of the most proffessional people I have ever worked with. Mpaka records is doing the marketing. I have watched people that I do not know fight, but this is ours. I am very excited and I call out all Ugandans to come and support this initiative. The whole month of April, every weekend we will be doing it. This is the platform that will take Uganda to another level.”

Spice Diana: “I am here for a good cause, I have been a fan of the fights, I may not have the energy and power to fight but am a fighter in my own right. The most exciting part of this game is we have ladies Brenda and Rebecca and I am here to support them. I will cheer them up and I believe all these fighters have everything to go out there and represent Uganda Internationally. I want to welcome MMA to Uganda and thank you to choosing our talent and I am happy that we have a very professional team that we are going to work with. They have the capacity to see that our talent go on a bigger level.”

On the menu:

Raymond Mugaga will face Albraa Saga on April 3, James Opio has a fight with Mishall Masoet on April 17 while Kareem Zubair will tussle it out with Marcelino Kiel on April 24 among others.



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