Ngo League: Shooters New Champions

The Shooters, who represent the class of 2002-2007, have emerged as the champions of the Namilyango College of Old Students (NGO) League’s third season.

It’s been a remarkable achievement for Shooters who finished sixth the previous season when Los Bandidos (2000-2005) were crowned champions.

This victorious journey was fueled by a season filled with excitement and challenges, all powered by Guinness.

With just one more matchday left in the season, the fate of the NGO League has already been sealed.

The Shooters can afford to lose both of their upcoming games and still claim the championship title.

Their crucial moment arrived on a Sunday at Kitante School Grounds when they needed to secure four points to secure their lead.

They achieved this by defeating the Barbarians with a 1-0 score and overpowering the Season One champions, Hornbills, with an impressive 4-0 victory, accumulating six points in total—two more than required.

Team manager Joseph Kagame commended his players for their unwavering determination, especially during the challenging phases of the season.

Despite facing adversity early on, as their captain and star player, Arnold Ayoma, suffered a season-ending knee injury after just four rounds, the Shooters persevered.

Players like Godwin Alionzi, Michael Musisi, William Kiggundu, James Tinkamanyire, Benon Katabira, Drake Murozi, Cranimer Muliiko, and Asaph Opio stepped up, ensuring the team’s success.

Manager Kagame shared that when Ayoma got injured, they doubted their chances of winning the league, but the team rallied together, stayed focused on their objectives, and emerged as champions in a highly competitive season.

Their commitment to possession football and the contributions from all players made them a formidable force on the field.

The Shooters also deserve recognition for their dedication to inclusivity, with female players Brenda Lutalo, Faridah Nassali, and Jemmy Twesigye joining the team on Sundays to uphold the values of tournament sponsor Guinness.

These women’s performances have made a significant impact on several games and earned them well-deserved recognition.

Godwin Alionzi emerged as the standout player of the season for Shooters, with six goals to his name.

His skillful play, ability to take on defenders, and goal-scoring prowess set him apart from the rest.

The culmination of this remarkable season will see Shooters officially receive the championship trophy when the NGO League returns for its grand finale next month.

It’s strong to add that Namilyango, established in 1902 by the Catholic Mill Hill Fathers, is the Oldest Secondary School in Uganda.



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