The Most Exotic Events You Can Bet on

Modern bookmakers offer a mind boggling quantity of sports for betting. On some platforms, the list reaches 40-45—an enormous abundance indeed. Bettors interested in various sports can bet on what they like. In addition to the most popular sports, which are unchanged, give or take, in most bookmakers: football, hockey, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and handball, there are some offers for other individual, team sports, and even rare and exotic ones. You can read about these sports and find some tips on In this article, we’ll talk about less-known options.

Exotic Sports

It’s best to start the story about unusual bets with non-standard sports.


It is a unique form of hockey. Its main advantage is that it can be played at any time of the year. Regarding regulations, it is also similar to the more famous puck game. There are also three periods of 20 minutes each. The Scandinavians set the fashion in this sport, regularly winning major competitions. In Kenya, floorball became popular several years ago, and you can find it on many betting platforms.

You must understand that this sport requires thoughtful analysis when betting on it. There are transfers that happen often. In addition, it is necessary to monitor deletions, which, as in hockey, often play a vital role in the match’s outcome. The types of bets are relatively typical: the outcome of a game or tournament, handicap, and total.


This sport is trendy in Ireland and attracts many spectators in the stands. Two teams of 15 players each meet on the field. The match lasts two 35-minute periods. All participants have short clubs (only 60-100 cm) with which they try to score a goal by hitting a small ball. To successfully bet on hurling, remember that it is a swift sport. Opponents fly back and forth. There is no time to analyze and follow the match. You can bet on standard outcomes: victory, total, individual total, as well as on the actions of a particular player.


The game of darts looks normal compared to the other participants on our list. Almost everyone knows the rules. However, now you know that you can bet on darts. It should be done as carefully as possible. In addition to athletes’ individual skills, their psychological stability and condition come to the fore. In this sport, those factors mean a lot. You can bet on victory, total, or handicap.

Non-Sports Exotic Events

Many bookmakers offer bets on non-sports events, such as weather. It is a popular type of bet, but it is primarily common in England. The essence of such bets is to predict what the weather will be like in the next day, week, or month.

A couple of years ago, some bookmakers opened bets on Michael Jackson being alive and the same person as his sister, La Toya Jackson. Nowadays, you can find bets on the actions of celebrities or events in their lives.

Reasons to Bet on Exotic Sports

Exotic sports can be exciting and profitable, and now we will tell you why.

Little Information

Less popular and seasonal sports receive less coverage in the news, on the Internet, and on television. In this regard, lines for such events are very often completely inaccurate. It is difficult for bookmaker analysts to find information and draw accurate lines. In addition, a few bookmakers cover such events, so bookmakers often have no opportunity to check their lines with the lines of other bookmakers.

Therefore, the player’s chances are increased: they only need to delve into a particular sport, study it thoroughly, and keep abreast of the latest news. In this case, such a player will almost certainly have an advantage over the bookmaker because they understand the pre-launch layouts better than bookmaker analysts, who devote little time and attention to events with low popularity ratings and low financial value.

Large Selection of Platforms

The demands of players are growing, and the competition among bookmakers is enormous, so they are using a variety of tricks to lure new players. For example, they offer rare sports in their lines and live. Every year, more and more bookmakers are expanding the list of the disciplines provided for betting, and the conditions are also improving: markings, speed of bet calculation, etc. A player who is a fan of, for example, darts can periodically place a bet on his favorite sport when bookmakers offer lines for top competitions in this sport.

High Odds

How can you lure a player to place bets on a new type of bet? Yes, by providing higher odds and a maximum bet amount. This tactic works, and financial flows flow in new directions for the bookmaker. But this is also an advantage for bettors who can take advantage of the opportunity.


A large selection of sports is a definite plus for players and bookmakers. The more types, the higher the likelihood of a bettor finding an excellent bet. For bookmakers, an increased range of events gives weight and authority; for players, it gives them more betting opportunities. In the end, everything is positive. The main advantage of betting on rare and increasingly popular sports is that the player has excellent chances because bookmakers spend less time on them than on football, hockey, or tennis.



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