Normalisation Committee Appointed to Oversee Uganda Netball

World Netball has confirmed the formation of a Normalisation Committee tasked with day-to-day operations of Uganda Netball Federation.

This, was confirmed by the letter from World Netball President Dame Liz Nicholl’s letter to the chairman of National Council of Sports (NCS) Ambrose Tashobya.

The committee will ik other words operate as Uganda Netball Federation until new board elections can be conducted.

The appointed members of the Normalisation Committee include Moses B. Mwase, who will serve as the Chairperson, representing the Vice President of the CGU.

Joining him are Leticiah Namutebi, a member of the CGU Athletes’ Commission, Cecilia Anyacoit from the National Sports Council, and Proscovia Peace, the Athlete Representative for the Uganda She Cranes.

The committee is expected to promptly communicate its immediate resource requirements to NCS Chairperson Tashobya.

This intervention by World Netball aims to ensure the smooth functioning of the UNF during the transitional period until the election of a new board.

The committee is appointed following recent withdrawal of certificate of recognition from Uganda Netball Federation by National Council of Sports over Governance and Accountability issues.

According to World Netball’s Articles of Association, a member must exclusively govern Netball in its country.

Since that was no longer the case for UNF, the World Netball Board could suspend the Member, pending Full Members’ consideration.

However, World Netball believed that the suspension was not in Netball’s best interest.

To avoid suspension and address governance issues, World Netball requested the immediate resignation of UNF’s current Executive without compensation and the establishment of a Normalisation Committee to guide UNF until fair elections can occur.

Suspended Netball Federation President Sarah Babirye Kityo had filled an application in Court against NCS for orders that a temporary injunction be granted to restrain NCS from requesting World Netball to appoint a normalisation Committee to take over and control the affairs of Uganda Netball Federation.

But that case has also been dismissed.



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