FIFA Rankings: Uganda Slip Further, Top 10 in Africa and World Revealed

In the latest FIFA Rankings released on Thursday, November 30, Uganda’s national football team, the Uganda Cranes, has faced a disappointing decline again.

The Cranes have dropped two places to 92nd in the world. This fall follows their previous ranking of 90th in October, marking a continued descent in the rankings.

The team’s performance in the recent international window contributed to this decline, with the Cranes playing two matches.

Their outing began with a 2-1 defeat against Guinea, followed by a hard-fought 1-0 victory against minnows Somalia during the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers.

This recent drop compounds Uganda’s diminishing position, having held the 89th spot in September.

The team’s historical rankings showcase both highs and lows, with their lowest position at 121st in July 2002 and the pinnacle at 62nd in January 2016.

Under the guidance of new coach Paul Put, the Uganda Cranes aim to turn their fortunes around before the next leg of the World Cup qualifiers scheduled for June next year.

In June, Uganda will be facing off against Botswana, currently positioned at 145th, and Algeria, standing strong at 30th in the FIFA Rankings.

Other Uganda Cranes’ World Cup qualification group opponents, Guinea maintains its static position at 80th, while Somalia experiences a decline, now placed at 198th in the global standings.

Top 10 – Africa

  1. Morocco (13)
  2. Senegal (20)
    3.Tunisia (28)
  3. Algeria (30)
  4. Egypt (33)
  5. Nigeria (42)
  6. Cameroon (46)
  7. Ivory Coast (50)
  8. Mali (51)
  9. Burkina Faso (57)

Top 10 – World

  1. Argentina
  2. France
  3. England
  4. Belgium
  5. Brazil
  6. Netherlands
  7. Portugal
  8. Spain
  9. Italy
  10. Croatia



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