Video: Assistant Referee Suspended for Wrong Offside Call

The Referees Disciplinary Panel (RDP) has taken action against Juma Osire, suspending him for six months following a contentious offside call during a Uganda Premier League game between Vipers SC and Kitara FC at St. Mary’s Stadium.

Osire, acting as the first assistant referee, made a crucial decision in the dying moments of the match at St Mary’s Stadium in Kitende last Thursday.

In the first minute of additional time, Kitara FC netted a goal that was subsequently disallowed by Osire, citing an offside infringement.

However, upon review of video footage capturing the incident, it was evident that none of the Kitara FC players, including scorer Dudu Ramathan, were in an offside position.

The goal denied Kitara a point at Vipers who needed Bright Anukani’s brace to overcome Jude Ssemugabi’s opener.

This controversial decision has led to Osire’s immediate suspension from officiating in football at all levels for the next six months.

In March 2021, this Referees Disciplinary Panel banned Juma Osire for one month for sanctioning Derrick Ochan’s red card during the Police FC Premier League match against Vipers at Kitende.

Ochan was sent off after Osire notified centre referee George Olemu that he had handled the ball outside his area.

Due to a perceived repeated pattern of such behavior, Osire Juma has been referred to the Investigatory Chamber of the FUFA Ethics and Disciplinary Committee for a more thorough investigation into his actions.



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