Fortebet ‘Showers’ New-year Wishes To Mbale

In a remarkable display of generosity, ForteBet, Uganda’s leading betting companies, spread joy and surprises in Mbale, Nakaloke, and Kapchorwa over the weekend.

More than 1000 ForteBet clients were treated to an unexpected New Year’s celebration with a variety of gifts.

The lucky recipients were delighted to unwrap a range of presents, including smartphones, jerseys, t-shirts, pens, and wristbands. ForteBet, known for its commitment to community engagement, extended its generosity to the safety of local bodaboda riders in Mbale. Reflective jackets were distributed to these riders, aiming to enhance their visibility on the roads, especially during nighttime.

The presentation of gifts and jackets was carried out by ForteBet’s brand ambassador, Alex Muhangi, alongside John Nanyumba, the company’s media manager. The atmosphere was one of gratitude and excitement as ForteBet continued its tradition of giving back to the communities it serves.

Jamil Musafu, a bodaboda cyclist, expressed his appreciation on behalf of his colleagues, saying, “ForteBet has done something for us that we shall never forget. I can confirm that I am getting a ForteBet reflector jacket for the third time. I feel so great, thank you so much.”

The company’s commitment to both entertainment and community welfare has solidified its place not just as a betting provider but as a partner in the progress and happiness of the local communities it serves.

Below is a glimpse of the memorable moments captured in a full pictorial:



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