Yunus Sentamu’s Altered Role Dulls Vipers’ Attack

Goal drought: Yunus Sentamu has scored just three goals this season. (Vipers photo)

During Thursday night’s clash against Gaddafi, Vipers’ star striker Yunus Sentamu seemed to fade into the background, failing to leave his mark on the game as it ended in a frustrating goalless draw at Kitende.

This outcome not only denied Vipers a crucial opportunity to narrow the gap with league leaders BUL but also highlighted a recurring issue plaguing the team’s performance.

Operating from a deeper position on the field, Yunus has emerged as a double-edged sword for Vipers in recent matches. While his desire for increased involvement in the game is evident, this shift in positioning has inadvertently dampened the team’s attacking prowess.

The trade-off between Yunus’s desire for freedom and the team’s need for offensive cohesion has become a pressing concern for the club.

Despite the potential benefits of Yunus’s altered role, it’s apparent that this adjustment has disrupted the team’s offensive fluidity and cohesion. Surprisingly, few within the team hierarchy, including captain Milton Karisa, have mustered the courage to address Yunus’s performance directly.

This reluctance to confront the issue only exacerbates the situation and leaves many questioning Yunus’s contribution to the team’s tactical framework.

His attempt to adopt a creative midfielder role, especially with Allan Okello and Bright Anukani already excelling in that position for Vipers, bewilders everyone.

And in the eyes of many, Yunus has become emblematic of a player adrift on the field, lacking a defined role within the team’s strategy. The consensus is that Yunus must rediscover his form and contribute more effectively in the box.

While his individual brilliance is undeniable, there’s a growing sentiment that he must adapt his playing style to better align with the team’s overall objectives.

Despite his undeniable talent and past achievements, such as finishing as the league’s top scorer in the 2020/21 season with an impressive tally of 16 goals, there’s still room for improvement.

Yunus, in his defence, may say that he must not only focus on his goal-scoring abilities but also on enhancing his link-up play and tactical awareness to benefit the team as a whole, but at what cost?

While I firmly believe in Yunus’s capabilities and rank him above other strikers in the league, including Shaban Muhammad and Nelson Ssenkatuka, it’s high time he starts to deliver again.

As someone who has consistently advocated for him on all fronts, including disputes with FUFA and national team omissions, I recognize the need for him to elevate his performance going forward.

Only through self-reflection can Yunus reclaim his status as the league’s best striker and lead Vipers to success on the pitch. The journey ahead may be challenging, but with the right mindset and determination, Yunus has the potential to overcome these obstacles and shine once again for Livingstone Mbabazi’s Vipers.

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