Guinness Celebrates Uganda Sevens Adventure with Perfect Serve

Rugby enthusiasts at Legends Grounds Lugogo were treated to a thrilling spectacle over the weekend, as Uganda’s national teams, the Lady Cranes and the Rugby Cranes, triumphed in the HSBC World Rugby 7s Challenger Series.

The Lady Cranes secured a spot in the Quarterfinals with a dominant 15-05 win over Thailand, while the Rugby Cranes outlasted hosts Uruguay with a hard-fought 26-21 victory. The electrifying performances echoed throughout the venue, leaving fans in awe.

Amidst the excitement, Guinness seized the opportunity to launch its new Future Serve campaign, aimed at perfecting the art of pouring the iconic stout. Roy Tumwizere, the Guinness Brand Manager, emphasized the campaign’s focus on ensuring consumers enjoy every sip of Guinness in its ideal form.

Tumwizere outlined the three simple steps to achieve the perfect serve: chill the Guinness to 6%, tilt the glass at a 45-degree angle, and pour. He reiterated Guinness’s commitment to supporting rugby in Uganda, providing fans with a space to celebrate victories and create lasting memories.

The atmosphere at the event was charged with excitement as attendees savored the unique blend of rugby action and the perfect Guinness serve. Guinness’s presence underscored its dedication to both the sport and the enjoyment of its renowned stout.



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