Tusker Lite Rwenzori Marathon Nears World Athletics Certification

The highly anticipated Tusker Lite Mt. Rwenzori Marathon is on track for certification by World Athletics.

Spearheading this milestone is Garvin Ashworth, one of Africa’s three Grade A route measurers certified by World Athletics.

The certification process, which commenced on Saturday, 23rd March, involves meticulous measurement and evaluation of the marathon route in Kasese. Ashworth, renowned for his precision and expertise, employs cutting-edge technology endorsed by World Athletics to assess factors such as layout and elevation changes.

Once verified, the certified Rwenzori Marathon route will join an elite group of globally recognized courses, enhancing the event’s prestige and attracting elite athletes seeking to compete and set records on an internationally acclaimed track.

Excitement surrounds this achievement, with Amos Wekesa, Director at Equator Hikes and leader of the Tusker Lite marathon team, expressing enthusiasm for Uganda’s spotlight in the global athletics arena.

Roy Tumwizere, the Tusker Lite brand representative, hailed the certification as an honor, signaling the marathon’s growing prominence and future growth opportunities.

Julius Nkuraija, the Course Director, praised Ashworth’s contribution to maintaining international standards and announced exciting changes to the marathon route, including a new starting point at the Equator and the introduction of a 10km race to broaden participation.

Scheduled for Saturday, 24th August 2024, the Tusker Lite Mt. Rwenzori Marathon promises to be a spectacular event, showcasing the beauty of the Kasese region and offering participants a world-class running experience on a certified route.



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