NCS Summons Netball Federation Amid Recognition Concerns

NCS officials – Chairman Ambrose Tashobya, General Secretary Dr Patrick Bernard Ogwel and Assistant GS David Katende. (Courtesy photo)

The Uganda Netball Federation (UNF) is currently grappling with the looming withdrawal of its Certificate of Recognition by the National Council of Sports (NCS).

This decision stems from pressing concerns surrounding governance and leadership within the Federation.

A formal notice was dispatched to Acting President Brigadier General Flavia Byekwaso, signaling the NCS’s intention to host a pivotal Technical Meeting on October 24, 2023, at the NCS Premises.

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The meeting’s primary objective is to provide the UNF with the opportunity to substantiate why their Certificate of Recognition should not be revoked.

The NCS has pinpointed three principal areas of concern, which include an interim Court order, issues related to the UNF’s Constitution Amendment, and persistent governance challenges.

The interim Court order, dated January 25, 2022, had previously restrained key UNF figures including President Hon. Sarah Babirye Kityo and the Registered trustees of UNF, from participating in any activities associated with the Federation.

This order was eventually vacated on March 18, 2022, during which time, it has been brought to the NCS’s attention that several activities, such as amending the UNF Constitution and conducting the Annual General Meeting, transpired.

Furthermore, the NCS has raised concerns regarding the UNF’s process of amending its constitution. Allegedly, the Federation did not adhere to the prescribed procedure for amending the Constitution of the Uganda Netball Federation, as originally amended in 2012.

This process is explicitly detailed in clause 2 of the Certificate of Incorporation as a corporate body under the Trustees Incorporation Act, Cap 165.

Moreover, it is noted that the provisions of the amended UNF Constitution, as adopted by UNF, promptly came into effect.

The NCS contends that this should have led to the election of the UNF President in accordance with the altered constitution. However, this course of action was not followed, and the appointment of new members to the UNF Executive Committee did not occur as per the UNF Constitution and regulation 6(3) of the National Council of Sport statutory instrument no. 38 of 2014.

Compounding these challenges is the longstanding governance and leadership discord within the Uganda Netball Federation.

These disputes have caused significant confusion within the organization despite the interventions from the Ministry of Education and Sports and the National Council of Sports aimed at reaching an amicable resolution, as prescribed in section 16(1)(f) of the National Sports Act, 2023.

These cumulative issues have resulted in continued governance and leadership struggles, leading to misrepresentation by various factions, each asserting legitimacy.

The NCS has called upon the Uganda Netball Federation’s Executive Committee and relevant individuals to attend the meeting in person.

Additionally, they are expected to provide all pertinent documentation addressing the concerns raised.

In a parallel development, the suspended Hon. Sarah Babirye Kityo has been formally invited to participate in the meeting.

The outcome of this meeting could have profound implications for the future of the Uganda Netball Federation.



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