Boxing Champions League: Ukasha Too Good For Malala

Matovu Ukasha (left). (Photo via Uganda Boxing Champions League)

Matovu Ukasha proved his dominance against Muhammad Kawaooya at Lugogo in the main fight of Week 14 in the Uganda Boxing Champions League.

Winning by Referee Stops the Contest (RSC) decision, Ukasha showcased a powerful return on his first fight since his bronze victory for Uganda at the African Championships in Yaounde last August.

Initiating strong attacks from the start, Ukasha nearly knocked down Kawooya with a counter right punch in the first round, but Kawooya managed to hold on.

Despite Kawooya’s improved performance in the second round, his struggle with stamina persisted.

Ukasha intensified his assault in the third round, delivering impactful punches, notably a left hook that left Kawooya seeking refuge against the ropes.

By the fourth round, Kawooya visibly faltered, leading to the referee rightfully stopping the contest to safeguard Kawooya from further damage.

“I want to express my gratitude to my fans for their unwavering support tonight. While winning this fight was anticipated, everything unfolded according to plan,” Ukasha said after the fight.

“I also acknowledge my opponent’s growth. This victory is dedicated to my wife and mother, both of whom hold a special place in my heart. I stand here today feeling like the Iron Man.”

Malala briefly commented: “I dislocated my hand during the fight but I refused to surrender. I’m committed to continuing the working harder, and I assure you, I’ll deliver a better performance next time.”



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