Mike Mutebi On Why He Didn’t Apply for Uganda Cranes Job

Mike Mutebi, the former KCCA manager, has explained his choice not to pursue the Uganda Cranes head coach role.

In an interview on NBS Sport Pressbox, Mutebi clarified his decision, stating, “I did not apply, why would I apply? You must headhunt me, what I have done is good enough to get the job.”

The seasoned coach highlighted the importance of being sought after based on merit, suggesting, “If you need a coach you believe can do the work, you headhunt him.”

Mutebi’s remarks follow the appointment of Belgian Paul Put as the Uganda Cranes head coach by FUFA.

Recognized for transforming KCCA into a dominant force in Ugandan football from 2015 to 2021, Mutebi had previously declined an opportunity to lead the national team before Micho was selected by FUFA.

According to FUFA Boss Moses Magogo, Mutebi was approached in 2021 for the role but declined the offer before they opted for Micho.

Regarding FUFA’s previous approach, Mutebi explained, “I declined because of significant turmoil and player complaints back then.”

He stressed the importance of a conducive environment and alignment with his coaching vision, adding, “I didn’t see the environment suiting my methods.”

Mutebi also emphasized the need for full autonomy over the team, a condition he felt the Federation couldn’t guarantee, saying, “I required full authority, which I believed the Federation couldn’t provide.”

Despite declining the role, Mutebi’s legacy at KCCA remains illustrious, with a decorated record including league titles, Uganda Cups, Super Cups, and a CECAFA Clubs Cup.

The gaffer notably guided KCCA to the group stages of the CAF Champions League, achieving remarkable victories.

His accomplishments at KCCA solidify his status as one of the most successful managers in Ugandan football.

Regarding the local coach selection, FUFA President Moses Magogo mentioned, “Out of 250 applications, only two were from Ugandans, but unfortunately, these applicants didn’t meet the job requirements.”

“While there might have been other qualified Ugandans, but they didn’t apply, we base our decisions on received applications.”

“We acknowledge the need to develop our local coaches. Our decisions are always in the best interest of Uganda.”

Magogo added: “We’ve observed other countries appointing nationals as coaches, but we have a lot of work to do to raise the level of our coaches to the level of the people we compare to.

“It may be easy for anybody to say this country is using a national but do we compare those nationals with ours? We are talking about those coaches who played in a Professional set-up for many years, most of our coaches played here and were coached here.”



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