Paidha Black Angels Raise Over 13M In Regional Derby

West Nile Regional League side Paidha Black Angels won so much more than just three points in their 1-0 win against rivals Nebbi Central on Sunday.

Jacob Opar scored the all-important goal at Bar Okoro stadium as the Blacks emerged victorious at home to retain the bragging rights in the hotly contested Alur derby, in which they also collected a handsome amount of money.

While extending gratitude to the fans who showed up in big numbers and paid for the game, the club revealed the actual amount they made in gate collections.

“We are pleased to inform you that the gate revenue for today’s match amounted to an impressive Ugx 13,077,000. (Thirteen Million Seventy-Seven Thousand shillings only),” the club announced after the Sunday game.

“Out of this, Ugx 2,700,000 (Two Million Seven Hundred thousand shillings only) has been allocated towards the purchase of new playing boots, totaling to 20 pairs, for our dedicated players. The remaining balance shall be used to carter for the club’s planned expenses.”

Joash Rwothomio, one of the administrators at the club in the capacity of CEO noted that the fans’ contributions at the gate directly impact the team’s development and improvement.

“That support means the world to us, and we thank you for being the driving force behind Paidha Black Angels. Let’s continue this journey together towards more victories and achievements,” Rwothomio added, with a heartfelt appreciation to the club’s loyal fans.

Paidha Black Angels is a historical club in Westnile, having reached the Uganda Cup final in 2017, and also played in the national second division (Big League) and first division (Premier League) competitions.

Now, the Sunday victory draws the regional league side closer to their season’s target of promotion to the Big League, having elevated them to the top of the 12-team table, increasing their chances to go for promotional playoffs.

In 16 games so far this season, Paidha Black Angels have now won upto 13 games, drawn only twice and lost just once.

The Blacks are now leadingthe table with 41 points – two more than second-placed Pakwach Young Stars who drew 0-0 with Pakwach Super Eagles in the Pakwach derby.

Next up for Paidha Black Angels is an away top-of-the-table clash with Pakwach Young Stars on Sunday, April 7 at St.Mary’s Bar Omach Playground.



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