Controversy: Semata’s Win Over Golola Overturned

A dramatic twist unfolded at the grand opening of the refurbished Nakivubo Stadium when Umar Semata’s victory over Moses Golola in a high-stakes kickboxing fight was overturned minutes after the initial announcement.

The lucrative fight, marked by a significant 100-40 point decision in favor of Semata, saw his hand raised by the referee in a moment of apparent triumph.

Also, the Minister for Kampala and Metropolitan Affairs, Hajjat Minsa Kabanda, joined the fighters in the ring to commend them for their performance.

However, the celebrations were later cut short when the referee, addressing the crowd via microphone, announced that Semata had used illegal techniques during the fight, leading to a recalibration of the scores.

He clarified that the points had not been deducted when the initial verdict was made. After adjusting for the penalties, the fight was declared a draw.

The controversy in a fight that got underway at 2:30am, stemmed from Semata’s use of throwing techniques, prohibited in K1-style kickboxing, which influenced the final decision.

Despite this, Semata, accustomed to Muay Thai, showcased dominance throughout the fight with low kicks that left Golola, brought into the ring by singer Lil Pazo (of the enkudi song), reeling.

The motor-mouthed ‘Of Uganda’ known for his heavy punches, only managed a significant right hand in the first round and struggled with stamina thereafter, falling twice in the second round.

The third round saw Semata delivering a powerful round kick that left Golola staggering, leading to premature celebrations by Semata before the final bell.

Despite the referee’s decision, the initial rounds clearly demonstrated Semata’s superiority in the ring.

This bout marked the third encounter between the two top fighters in Uganda, with each having won one of their previous two fights. Semata claimed victory in their first fight at Freedom City in 2018, while Golola won the rematch at the same venue the following year.

With the fight now declared a draw, anticipation builds for a potential rematch. If it materializes, it could likely be the final bout for Golola, who put Kickboxing in Uganda at another level before NCS withdrew the Federation’s certificate.



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