Video: Owen Kibira Triumphs After Weight Class Shift

Watch Owen Kibira’s first fight and interview;

In a thrilling start to his 2024 National Open campaign, Owen Kibira picked a well-deserved unanimous victory over Muhammad Mayanja on Tuesday at Lugogo.

The seasoned fighter made a significant transition from Welterweight to Light middleweight, marking a pivotal moment in his career trajectory.

Facing Mayanja, Kibira encountered early challenges, particularly against Mayanja’s taller stature and extended reach. However, Kibira’s adaptability and skill set proved crucial as he steadily gained momentum, ultimately securing the win over the three-round bout.

Kibira’s decision to change weight classes signaled the end of a longstanding rivalry with Ukasha Matovu in the Welterweight division during the Boxing Champions League.

This strategic move opens up new opportunities for Kibira as he continues to navigate the competitive landscape of amateur boxing.

With an impressive track record that includes appearances at the Commonwealth Games, Kibira enters the National Open with a wealth of experience and determination.

His sights are firmly set on advancing to the final, scheduled for this Saturday at Lugogo, where he aims to solidify his position back to the Boxing Championship League.



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