Umea Games: ‘There Will Be Zero Tolerance For Cheating’

The 2019 Uganda Muslim Education Association (UMEA) committee has confirmed that there will be zero tolerance to cheating ahead of the coming games next month.

Chairman for the UMEA games organizing committee Hajji Twahil Kiteezala revealed the development during the press launch of the 2019 games held at Kibuli SS on Monday morning.

The games, which are played by Islamic secondary schools, are to be held at Kasawo Islamic SS starting from 19-22 April.

Hajji Kitezaala speaking to the press inside a packed room, warned:

“We promise commitment and zero tolerance to cheating, some game masters use various illicit means to win but I can tell you that 2019 is different.

“The achievements have been highlighted we have promoted Moslem founded schools wherever we go.

The most common forms of cheating in these games has been the use of non students and Officiating teams favouring certain schools.

It was revealed that the sporting disciplines have remained the same from last year – Football , Handball, Volleyball, rRcket games (Badminton and Table Tennis) and Netball.

Speaking at the event, Kasawo Islamic SS (host school) Director Hajji Kashimu Kajaya assured the pressmen that the school is ready to host what he termed as the – best ever.

Beside the hosting School, Kasawo SS, Kibuli SS, Kawempe, Mbogo, Kakungulu memorial, Gombe, Masaka, Kawanda, Namagabi, Bulo and some new other schools are set to take part.

Hajji Kassim Nakibinge will grace the opening ceremony as the Chief Guest in Kasawo.

Kibuli Secondary School won the 2018 overall title at Mbale Municipal Stadium. Kibuli won four gold medals and winner’s trophies in handball (boys and girls) as well as badminton (boys and girls).

18th April, Thursdays – Schools arrive at 2 PM,

Day 2: 19th March
Opening ceremony, in the main ground, Kasawo trading centre. At 2PM
Games will commence at various arenas which will be communicated soon.

22nd Match, wWHave the finals at Kasawo trading centre at 2PM.

23rd March- Schools will be at liberty to leave.



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